Goltho Baptisms

When consulting these files, please use your imagination over the spelling of the names - it varied according to the Vicar's own interpretation of the name and was not constant over the period of the register.   Also, please bear in mind that they are my own interpretation of sometimes faded and barely legible writing.  In any case, I would advise viewing for yourself film of the original register as additional information is sometimes given.   

The files are Excel spreadsheets and have been sorted in alphabetical order of father's surname.  Where no father's name is given, the baptisms appear at the end of the file in alphabetical order of mother's surname.  If you do not have Excel installed, you will need to download the free Excel viewer.

Baptisms 1813 to 1882

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The information in these files is intended to assist others in their personal research.

Its use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


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