My Husband's Maternal Grandfather's Ancestors

Alfred Nathan Sharpe was born 28th March 1872 in Lincoln.  His parents were Charles Davis Sharpe and his wife Sarah nee Driffill. Pictured left Alfred with sons William Parker and Leslie

Francis and Ann AUCKLAND baptised their first known child at Fillingham in 1732.  Their daughter Frances married William SHARPE at Ingham in 1772.  Their son, William, became a Freeman of the City of Lincoln, as did many of his descendants.   View details of 6 generations of AUCKLAND and SHARPE descendants with associated surnames of KEY, MALTBY, MAY, WOBY/WABY and WOODHEAD

William WALKER married Mary BLACKTON 3/12/1744 at Fillingham.   View details of 6 generations of their descendants.

John KIRK married Jane WRAY 7/7/1675 at Fillingham.   View details of 8 generations of their descendants.

William SHARPE married Frances AUCKLAND 8/6/1772 at Ingham.   View details of 5 generations of their descendants.

Henry TUXFORD baptised his first known child at Newark in 1667.   View details of 8 generations of their descendants.   The use of Weston as a christian name was prevalent and the family travelled far from Boston where they were to be found from the early 1700's.   There are many descendants in New Zealand and Australia.

Peter WEDD was born in the Hertfordshire area about 1628.   His grandson James came to Boston early 1700s.   View details of 9 generations of descendants, particularly in the Boston area.  Associated surnames ADKIN, DAFT, FOSTER, GREEN, GRMMER, MERRIMAN, SHARPE and SWAIN

Thomas TRUEBLOOD married Elizabeth PARKER during January 1587 at Beckingham.   View details of 12 generations of their descendants, including Quaker martyr, Arnall.   Many Truebloods in the USA descended from this line.   Other surnames include GOOD, INGRAM and ROSE.

Richard DRIFFILL married Rebecca ANDREW at Boothby Graffoe 31/10/1793.  View details of 5 generations of their descendants. Associated surnames CODD and OXBY.

William JESSOP married Mary PALLMAN at Timberland 16/3/1660-1.  View details of 8 generations of their descendants. Associated surnames BROWN, COLSON and HODSON.

George and Elis HALE baptised Catherine 12/3/1755 at Swineshead.   View details of 7 generations of their descendants in the Boston and Lincoln areas.

All reports are outline descendant charts in pdf format (Adobe Reader required) generated by Legacy 5 and contain an index to the individuals included.


  I am indebted to Pam Davidson in New Zealand for sharing her research results with me.


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