My Maternal Grandmother's Ancestors

Hannah Millicent Millington (pictured right in her Mayoral Robes 1962) was born 25/1/1895 at 22 Gibbeson Street, Lincoln. Her parents were Benjamin Millington and his wife Hannah nee Gregory (left).

John and Ann MILLINGTON baptised their first child Elizabeth 13/3/1788 at Carlton le Moorland.   View details of 4 generations of their descendants.   Other surnames include ASLIN/ASHLING, BATTERSBY, BESCOBY, BOWLES, CLARKE, FISH, HUMBERSTON, PYM, ROSE and SHARP.  

John and Hannah HARRISON baptised their son John 25/9/1711 at Saxilby.   View details of 6 generations of their descendants.   Associated surnames CAVIL, CLARK, KEALL, PILKINGTON and SISSONS/SISSINS.

 Lazarus MOTTERSHAW married Elizabeth CLARKE 7/4/1740 at  Gedling, Notts.  View details of 5 generations of their descendants including a branch which emigrated to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Surname also found as MOTTISHAW.    

Richard GREGORY married Hannah MARSDEN  19/1/1767 at Youlgreave, Derbyshire.   View details of 4 generations of their descendants mailny in Lincoln. Other surnames include GEBBETT and ROSSINGTON.

  All reports are outline descendant charts in pdf format (Adobe Reader required) generated by Legacy 7.4 and contain an index to the individuals included.


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