A Tale of two villages called Hykeham

This is the story of two villages called Hykeham, now the village of South Hykeham and the town of North Hykeham.  During the 17th Century they were also known as Church Hykeham and Chapel Hykeham.  As far as I have been able to discover, South Hykeham has always been smaller than North Hykeham, but I think it is the fact that North Hykeham is closer to Lincoln than South Hykeham which has been the biggest factor in the difference in their development.

If your 19th Century ancestor were to visit South Hykeham today, he might be amazed by the inventions of the 20th Century but he would be able to find his way around and spot many familiar places.

However, if your 19th Century ancestor were to visit North Hykeham today he would be totally bewildered and wonder where all the fields had gone.  No doubt he would recognise the Church and the pub (The Harrows) on the opposite corner and perhaps the Methodist Chapel and the old school building.

During the 19th Century the size of the population of both villages was reasonably static: around a 100 for South Hykeham and between 400 and 500 for North Hykeham.  In 1991 the population of the combined parishes of South Hykeham, Haddington and Aubourn was 702 (281 households) whilst the population of North Hykeham had grown to 10,506 (4,208 households) and is now in the region of 14,000.

Driving out of Lincoln, the only indications that you are entering North Hykeham are the town signs and the fact that Hykeham Road and Newark Road, Lincoln become Lincoln Road and Newark Road, North Hykeham.  And yet, my husband can remember when there were fields between the city boundary and North Hykeham and certainly where our bungalow now stands.

So, South Hykeham remains what it has always been, a small Lincolnshire village, whilst its neighbour North Hykeham has developed into the seventh largest town in Lincolnshire. I have an affinity with both, finding North Hykeham a very pleasant place to live for the past 16 years, whilst appreciating the qualities of South Hykeham during the 6 years that I kept my pony there and explored the area on horseback.

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