Residents of North Hyckham in 1856 according to White's Lincolnshire

Bailey Sarah, vict Harrow

Clarke Richard

Curtis William, tailor

Collingwood Jno.

Coult Mr Robt.

Coult Samuel

Goodwin Mr Fras.

Dickinson Thos.

Hague Robert, station master

Goodwin John

Johnson Benjamin, butcher

Grubb Miss Eliz.

Longmate Wm., machine owner

Hart Thomas

Morley Geo., M.D.

Henley Robert

Shuttleworth Cath., schoolmistress

Jackson Thomas

Trotter Mr Theodore, Hyckham Hs and ironmonger

Johnson Edw.

Welbourn Jph.

Johnson James


Johnson Wm.

Bemrose George

Longmate Wm.

Hodson Henry

Roe John


Roe Wm.

Hunt Joseph

Shuttleworth Jno.

Shutttleworth Jno.

Shuttleworth My.

Boot & Shoemks.


Foster John

Bellamy John

Hiley John

Grubb James

Johnson Wm.

Marshall Sarah

Corn Millers

Wheelrights and joiners

Johnson Jph.

Beaumont Wm.

Lamb Wm.

Hiley Wm.


Suttleworth Hy.

Bartholomew Jno.

Post from Lincoln - Trains 5 times a day

Bemrose Rt. & Jno.

Carriers pass to Lincoln, Newark &c. daily




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