North Hykeham Parish Registers

NEW!  Transcriptions of the South Hykeham General Register 1794 - 1812 (which included North Hykeham) and the North Hykeham Wesleyan Methodist Baptism Register 1843-1898.  The Baptisms and Burials are zipped Excel spreadsheets and you may need to download Excel Viewer if you do not have Excel installed.  If you find a name of interest in the index, use the "find" facility to locate it in the spreadsheet.

1794 Baptism Index

1794 Baptisms

1794 Burial Index

1794 Burials

Methodist Index

Methodist Baptisms

Current project South Hykeham Marriage Register 1754 - 1799

When consulting these indices and transcripts, please use your imagination over the spelling of the names - it varied according to the Vicar's own interpretation of the name and was not constant over the period of the register.   Also, please bear in mind that they are my own interpretation of sometimes faded and barely legible writing.  In any case, I would advise viewing for yourself film of the original register as additional information, such as the date of birth, is sometimes given.   Not all of the children baptised were infants.

The indices are text files but the transcripts are zip files because of their size.   The numbers in the indices refer to the page and entry in the register.   I do hold further information on some of the entries in my database.   I have microfiche of the earlier Hykeham registers and am willing to undertake lookups for specific names within a given time frame.

Baptism Index 

Index to baptisms in Joint North and South Hykeham Register 1813 -1855

Baptism Transcription

Transcription of Joint North and South Hykeham Baptism Register 1813 -1855

Marriage Index

Index to marriages in Joint North and South Hykeham Registers 1800 -1844

Marriage Transcription

Transcription of Joint North and South Hykeham Marriage Registers 1800 -1844

Baptism Index

Index to baptisms in North Hykeham Register from 1855

Baptism Transcription

Transcription of North Hykeham Baptism Register  from 1855

South Hykeham

For marriages between 1844 and 1857 - see South Hykeham

Marriage Index

Index to 150 marriages at North Hykeham 1858 onwards

Marriage Transcription

Transcription of 150 marriages from North Hykeham Register 1858 onwards

My sincere thanks to Carole Wolfe for transcribing the 1813-1844 marriages

I can offer lookups for Graffoe Deanery marriages in the Lincolnshire Family History

Society's Marriage Indices 1700-1837 and Phillimores 1600-1699

The information in these files is intended to assist others in their personal research.

Its use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


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