South Hykeham Wartime Bomber Crash

  L7318   - The Final Chapter.


On 14th September 1941 another Manchester Bomber on a navigation exercise from Waddington, landed at Haverigg airfield, Millom in Cumbria.   On leaving, a serious fault with the hydraulic system was found and the plane landed back at Millom.   Assistance was requested from Waddington and groundcrew were flown up to Cumbria to assess the fault and then returned to Waddington to collect the necessary spares.   The next day the groundcrew flew to Millom in Manchester L7318 to repair the faulty aircraft. This done both planes set off back to Waddington.   The repaired aeroplane landed first and L7318 carrying the groundcrew, was in circuit preparing to land.   Suddenly and in full view of people at Waddington, it dived into the ground and exploded.   Every one on board was killed instantly.   An investigation found no faults but an opinion as to cause was offered.   Handling instructions required nobody to be in the nose when landing and if movement backwards of the extra men, coincided with lowering the flaps, a stall would result.   Later trials proved this to be correct.   The crash was in fields at the bottom end of Meadow Lane, South Hykeham, a few hundred yards from St Michael's Church.

The deceased were:

Flying Officer, Ernest Crump aged 25, buried at Waddington.

Pilot Officer, P. J. Sawyer

Pilot Officer, J. R. Clements RCAF, buried at Waddington,

Sgt. Norman Mathison aged 20, buried at Northallerton.

LAC. Leslie Carter aged 24, buried at St Swithin's cemetery, Lincoln.

LAC. John Riding aged 18, buried at Stretford cemetery.

LAC. Harold Winter aged 20, buried at Dewsbury cemetery.

AC1. Reginald Boyd aged 26, buried at Crosby cemetery, Scunthorpe.

AC2. William Grace aged 31, buried at Waddington (St Michael) Churchyard.

AC2. Jack Lister aged 26, buried at Newport cemetery, Lincoln.



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