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Millstone from Richard Ladd's Tower Mill built in 1874

 The Green, North Hykeham

 Wesleyan Methodist Church, built 1881 - refurbished late 1980's

 The Harrows - Alehouse of this name mentioned 1682 - a room here was used before church was rebuilt in 1858





 Air Training Corps Headquarters - Site of Chapel of St Leonard prior to 1700

 The Old School - now a Day Nursery

 The Forum Shopping Precinct - built in the 1960's

 St Hugh, Harewood Crescent - Anglican Church built in 1969.




Terry O'Toole.jpg (72969 bytes)  

The Memorial Hall, Newark Road

 The Library, Middle Street

 The Youth Centre, Middle Street

Terry O'Toole Theatre & North Kesteven Sports Centre









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