Family Surnames 





Barsby, baxter, BOLLAND,  Bravender, Brewer, BrewetT, Charity, Christain, Clements, Crowson, Duffin, duncombe, George, fancourt,  Gibson, Hales, Holling(s)worth, JESSOP, MATTHEWS,  Morris, MUNTON, Parnham, Pearson, Sentence, Stanley, Stimpson, Sutton, Swain, Swann, Wade, Walpole, Wilmot

Barrett, Brooks, Burrows, DAY, EASTON, Futter, Gosling, Kerrison, Lound, Meares/Mays, PYE, RAYNER, SMITH, SPRINGALL

CONYERS, Denton, Eatch, FITCHETT,  Fullalove, George, HALL, HUDSON, KNOTT, LEATHER, Marshall, SLEIGHT, Spittlehouse, Tindall, WILLIAMSON, WILSON, WRIGHT

aslin/ashling, Battersby, Baxter, Cavill, Fowler, Gebbett, Gregory, Harrison, Lawson, Monks, MOTTERSHAW/MOTTISHAW, Rose, Rossington, Rushby, sharp,  Sissons, Slater, Stubbs, Walker





Howarth, Locker, Moor, Rollinson, Storr, Wallace,Watson, Wood

 ASHTON, Batty, Blanchard, Chadwick, Commins, Conyers, COOK(E), Ellis, Gresswell, Marriott, McCall, O'Rourke, Shilcock, Tollerton, Townrow, Reynolds, Smith, Walker, Yates

Adkin, Auckland, Blackburn, Brown, Cocking, Codd, Colson, Daft, Driffill, Good, Hale, Hodson, Ingram, Jessop, Key, Lintin, Maltby, May, Merriman, Oxby, Rose, Snaith, Tuxford, Trueblood, Wedd, Woodhead

Appleby, Border, Borman, Bourne,Brocklesby, Colbeck, Coulam, Crisp, Dawson, Drewery, Foster, Gilbert, Haywood, Hewson, Hodgson,  Lamming, Markham, Maw, Mawer, Neave, Ranson, Riggall, Rushton, Stovin, Summers, Surfleet,  Swannock, Throop, Tomlinson, Torry, Towell, Turnhill

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